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Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to create DataBase tables schema diagram using SQL Server Management Studio?

Follow below steps to create Database tables schema diagram using SQL Server Management

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
2. Go to the DataBase for which you want to create DataBase Diagram in Object Explorer.
3. Expand DataBase you will find DataBase Daigrams section.
4. Right click on that and choose New DataBase Daigram.
5. A window will appear to select the list of tables you need to add to can select all or few tables.
6. Now the Diagram is ready you can modify the view by selecting the tables in Daigram and Right click > Table View > Standard/Column Names/Custom/Keys many options are provided.
7. Also you can create new columns into table edit, delete, add keys etc.
8. Use print screen option to cut and paste in Paint to generate image format.

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