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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What is GAC?

GAC abbreviates as Global Assembly Cache. It is acting as container of strongly named assemblies which are shared by multiple applications.

Assemblies are generally two types:

1>Private Assembly
2>public Assembly
3>Satellite Assembly

1. When we want to share the assemblies for more than one application.
2. To maintain versioning for one assembly (more than one version number for one assembly) then we registered the assembly into the GAC using the gacutil.exe tool.

Before the registration into GAC we have to sign the assembly with the public key means sign with strong name (uniquely identify) by the help of sn.exe tool.
Like------------ SN –k Path of the assembly

After signing with key, the path will specify in the Assemblyinfo.cs file. Then add the assembly into the GAC by

Gacutil –I “strong name” “dllName”
Gacutil –u “strong name” “dllName”------------FOR REMOVING form the GAC

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