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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How AJAX is included as a first class concept in both ASP.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008.

• In ASP.NET we will not find Ajax enabled website template as ASP.NET Ajax is now part of ASP.NET 3.5.
• No need of any separate installations for AJAX Extensions as it is in built.
• Every page should have ScriptManager in the form.
• As ASP.NET Toolkit is a community driven project, Download Control toolkit for ASP.NET AJAX 3.5 which is separately built for 3.5 download at Add them to Toolkit Toolbar.
• In Visual Studio 2008 a new cool feature added after adding AJAX control toolkit, is for all controls like button we will find helper expansion available which makes Visual Studio control extender aware.

AJAX toolkit extender support in visual studio 2008

• When we focus to control that have extenders (Control enhancements that are designed to extend the visual behavioural properties of the control) visual studio now understands that when extenders included in visual studio environment for the control that is highlighted, it gives option in designer to add extender to control by giving list of available extenders for that control, just by selecting that we can add extender control.
• (Ex: for Button we have AlwaysVisibleControlExtender, AnimationExtender, ConfirmButtonExtender.. etc)

Control Extenders for Button Control in ASP.NET AJAX Control toolkit

• We can automatically know simply by setting focus to the control that, that control type has extenders available for your use.
• Also do not have to figure out which control extenders are appropriate for which control types because when we select on the control helper a dialog pops up and show all of the extenders in place that are appropriate for that control. So, this is a very useful addition in VS2008 when using ASP.NET AJAX and Toolkit because it will point you to right extenders that are appropriate for the control that you are working at that point of time.

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Deepika said...

Really cool...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yes, really cool buullshiit....

Anonymous said...

An example of used?

Anonymous said...

All you need to do now is stop Visual Studio 2008 from being so slow and hanging all the time and we can actually use these features.

Switching off the pending checkins would be a start...

dws400 said...

I get intelisence on webservices from javascript too.

Anil Kumar Reddy said...

Also a new update in Ajax 3.5 is that we can easily enable Browser back button with history event..

see this..

Enabling browser back button for GridView Paging and Sorting in Ajax 1.1 and 3.5 (using Visual Studio 2005/ Visual studio 2008)

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