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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Calling VB Script Function from inside a Javascript function.

Calling VB script function in javascript is as simple as calling another javascript function.

Let us see with a simple example.
First we will create a function in VB Script to add two numbers.

Call this VB Script function from javascript

Following is html page to input values to add and shows the result in other



<script language="VbScript">

Function Add(a,b)


End Function


<script language="JavaScript">

function callingVbfun()


document.getElementById('txtResult').value= Add(document.getElementById('txtNumber1').value,document.getElementById('txtNumber2').value)






<input type-"text" id="txtNumber1"/>

<input type-"text" id="txtNumber2"/>

<input type-"text" id="txtResult"/>

<input type-"button" id="btn" value="Add" onclick="callingVbfun()"/>



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