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Friday, April 9, 2010

What is Method Hiding?

Method hiding is to hide/mask method in base class by creating a similar function in derived class and by using new keyword in the derived class.
Unlike Method overriding, When we refer base class object created by casting derived class object a method in base class will be called.
Also we can change the return type while masking the base class method.
Using new keyword is not compulsory, however a warning will be displayed if we wont specify new keyword while masking.


Base Class:
public class BaseClass
public virtual void Method1()
Print("Base Class Method");

Derived class
public class DerivedClass: BaseClass
public override void Method1()
Print("Derived Class Method");

public class Sample
public void TestMethod()
DerivedClass objDC = new DerivedClass();
BaseClass objBC = (BaseClass)objDC;
Derived Class Method
Base Class Method

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